Thursday, August 16, 2012


Shivarajkumar tries to warn the baddies in one last attempt, before they get beaten mercilessly.

This reminded me of a "mass" scene from his movie "Sriram" (hilarious to me though!)
In the movie, Shivarajkumar's character utters this repetitive line throughout the movie. The final warning before the beating, goes something like this:
(Arm stretched like in the pic above - with the mandatory 'whoosh' sound) Ayyo andre nooru varusha (Closes all fingers except the index finger pointed at the baddie) Aeey andre ('whoosh' sound number two, opens the middle finger - 'whoosh' sound number three, opens the ring finger - 'whoosh' sound number four) moorey nimisha.
(Cue: You either get scared like hell and flee, or call the ambulance!)

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