Thursday, August 2, 2012

300th Post

Now that I am in the wrong side of the early thirties, I really wish I would end up realizing that this is true.
Real Life Begins At 40

This is the 300th post. When I started this blog I had given myself not more than 50 posts, and here I am at 300 posts already. Huge thanks to all the vehicle drivers for being themselves and adding color to the otherwise mundane task of driving. And also to all the readers for loving and enjoying this little quirky blog as much as I do.


bellur said...

Vasuki, your posts can easily cross a few lakhs. There are at least 40 lakh vehicles in Bangalore.

Vehicle Population in Bangalore City (up to 30-06-2011)

Two Wheelers - 2690409

L.M.V - 818029

A/R - 100199

H.T.V - 94918

H.G.V - 85571

Others - 97315

Total - 3886441

Bit Hawk said...

Thanks Bellur. And lets hope they give permission for more and more vehicles to hit the streets :)