Saturday, September 3, 2011

Anna Hazare & Jan Lokpal Bill

Anna Hazare.

Corruption Saaku.
Jan Lokpal Beku.
(Loved the use of rupee symbol for 'R'!)

  • The great Indian urban middle class, naively believes that Jan Lokpal Bill is the panacea to all corruption in the country. Its one problem, one bill, one solution.
  • The media picturizes a few lakh supporters as "a billion Indians have stood up". Some smart journalist has coined "August Kranti" and "second Indian Independence" without having any perspective.
  • Facebook is being spammed with Anna Hazare trivia and how Singapore eradicated corruption in a similar way.
  • People who hardly read a bill previously, have become experts at interpreting bills overnight.
  • Anna Hazare, however good his intentions are, is on the verge of being turned into a messiah.

If you tell the Facebook Anna supporters why you are not optimistic, you get the "are you with us, or are you with the enemy" kind of response. A country that, over centuries, prided itself regarding the co-existence of alternate schools of thought, is suddenly losing that important thing in a frenzy of pseudo revolution.

Irrespective of my rant, you cannot deny the fact that this is definitely the flavor of the season.

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Nuthan said...

Nice one..makes sense.
I agree this doesn't solve everything but I also appreciate the fact that this is the first step and a good start to act towards a giant menace