Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Salman Khan

He is not a good actor. He chooses horrendous films and works with unknown directors many times. He is not exactly media savvy or a marketing genius. Yet, his films end up being huge money spinning blockbusters. Because in the Hindi heartland, all that matters is charisma and star power. There are very few who can claim to have them more than this guy. Salman Khan.

He looks angry here. Is it because someone forced him to wear a shirt?


prem said...

teri maaa ka bhosda madarchod
tu salman khan ka zant b nahi hai
bhosdike bhangy ke chudaye
samne hot to ma chod deta teri me
bhen ki choot teri

Bit Hawk said...

Is that your real name or the frequent screen name of Salman? If you read it correctly, I was actually giving credit for Salman's immense star power and charisma. And you by that "maturity of a 6 year old" comment, have not made a great case with respect to the general intelligence of hardcore Salman fans!