Thursday, October 7, 2010


Upendra is one of the most talented filmmakers in the contemporary Kannada cinema (stop calling it Sandalwood for Ramssake, it sounds lame!) Much was expected from Uppi, before he lost his track by acting in horrendous Tamil and Telugu remakes. 

Uppi was the creator of the most popular Kannada slang ('Dagaar' from 'Tarle Nan Maga'. If you have not heard of the word, please dont ask me for translation) He made the very popular "Shh!", the last decent horror film in Kannada (not considering the unintentional films that turn out to be horror) Next one was "Om", perhaps the best underworld film in Kannada. He made his entry into acting with peculiarly named films like "A" and "Upendra" (clever story within a story involving Vikram-Betaal) with bizarre storylines and unusual screenplay, thereby bringing non-linear narration and misogyny into popular culture. After a decade, he is back to direction. Let us hope we get some interesting movies from him in future.

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